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Judith M.
Brandon, MS
[5.0 star rating]
Our Australian shepherd truly  was on vacation at this pet resort.  We were close by and took her from the facility to the beach almost every day.  She was so excited to see us, but just as excited to go back to Sea Paws. When we arrived and returned, there was always someone in the yard with the big dogs.  We go to the beach at least once a year and will go out of our way so Nikki can board at this great facility.

Jan H.
Austin, TX

[5.0 star rating]
My dog, Chloe, just spent a week at Sea Paws while the rest of the family enjoyed our family vacation in Gulf Shores at a no pets allowed beach home.  I am not certain who had the better time, Chloe or us!  What I wanted for my spoiled canine chld was good care, but also adequate human attention, and then some keep her happy while her family was away.  At Sea Paws, Chloe ate well, got lots of hugs and attention from the humans, including the owners' adult daughter who was visiting, and lots and lots of romping playtime with the other boarders.  I was sent photos during the week, and was invited to come by anytime.  I did come by to pick up Chloe for a little beach time outing. My grand kids and I had a great time playing with Chloe as she enjoyed the surf and beach for the first time.  We then returned Chloe to Sea be boarded there for the rest of our week's vacation,  The owners are so flexible and easy to work with. Drop off and PIck up times were flexible as well.  We decided to beat the traffic and drive out very early in the morning on Sunday..........."No problem!"  I researched Pet Boarding places extensively before landing on Sea Paws.  A couple of Vet owned boarding facilities were recommended to me.  I am very happy with my decision to use Sea Paws, because of the very excellent hands on care, and the tons of play time that Chloe received.  I also considered some boarding kennels in our home town (12 hours from Gulf Shores, Alabama), but since Chloe loves to travel with us, we decided to avoid those two extra days of her having to be kenneled, and board her where we were vacationing.  Loved this decision.  We also avoided two extra days of cost............and the bonus of getting to play on the beach with our dog for that one afternoon.     Sea Paws.......... Thanks for caring for Chloe.  You have a really good thing going there at Sea Paws.

Christina E.
Gulf Shores, AL
[5.0 star rating]
Sea Paws is a wonderful dog resort!
Conveniently located with easy access and high visibility from the street. Paula is professional and compassionate about dogs. The area has a separate entrance for receiving and dropping off flexible hours and Lots of toys to play with, regular walks if you like, and a fountain for the animals drinking pleasure! There is a separated secure , fenced, covered kennel area and over night stays are welcome! The price is affordable and the facility is very clean and in very good repair! I have taken my pet there several times and he loves it! And I know he is safe, secure, and having a great time! Food is provided or bring your own. 
I highly recommend Seapaws for a few hour play day or for extended over nighters! We will continue to use Seapaws for Rocky's play day needs!