Questions ..

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Do we take small dogs?

​Yes!   We have a very fun group of small dogs that have their own safe area to play  in. "Tiny Tots"  under ten pounds and baby puppies are also given a separate play yard to be sure they feel safe and secure.

My dog is not neutered/ spayed yet,  can they still come?

Unfortunately  no . We require dogs to be fixed for safety concerns. 

What time can I drop off?

All dogs scheduled for daycare  is preferred to be dropped off between 7 am  and 9 am for full day of activity . However we understand circumstances.

What time can I pick up?

Anytime during our business hours.  

Is play time included?

Yes. All dogs are included in playtime Boarding dogs are included in the daycare activities for No additional charge.

Do we provide food?

Yes. We feed a high quality kibble at $3.00 per feedings, should you forget or choose to not bring food.  

Can I send toys and treats?

We prefer toys not to be brought, as they are in group play all day . You are welcome to bring treats, they will be given at feeding times.

We have a last minute trip, Can I drop off?

We can usually accommodate last minute plans if it is a holiday we are likely to be full and may not be able to make space. Please plan ahead whenever possible.