We offer a unique twist to traditional daycare and boarding. Our guests will have full days of outside time with group play.

We want you to enjoy every minute. Give us a call when you are around the corner and we will load or unload luggage and your pup for you. 

All Sizes

We accomodate all sizes of dogs and all activity levels. If your pup wants to romp and run or bask in the sun we have a spot for them.

Two Locations


There are now two spacious locations avalible. Our flagship Gulf Shores location and our expanded Foley site.

Valet  Service

Doggie Daycare & Boarding

Group â€‹Play

We know it can be hard to find someone you trust your fur babies with, someone that will love them and care for them while you are away. We know that you want the most for your dogs, so we offer a different experience than what a typical daycare or boarder offers. We want your dog to play while you are away. If you are having fun we believe that they should be too.   


Whether you need an over night stay or just a day full of fun, we are here to make sure you have peace of mind when you leave and satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice.