​Can I bring toys and bones?

We ask that you do not, it is a chocking hazard, and with group play all the dogs want to take possesion of the item.

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My dog is acting hungrier than usual, did they eat while in your care?

Your dog worked up an appetite, just as you do with vigourous work. No need to worry just a few more kibbles to their meals for the next day or so, soon it will return to normal.

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My dog had an upset tummy since we have got home, do I need to take them to the vet?

Emotions tend to affect our stomach, sometimes the time away from you is stressful for your dog. Being in a new environment with new friends can make you excited or nervous. There is no need to take your dog to the vet.

My Dog is on medication, can they still come?

We are able to give medicine with detailed instuctions, this can be in a pill form, dropper, or a shot.

What shots do you require?​

We require that all dogs have a current Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies, Parvo, and DHLP.

What do I need to bring when we come?

We require current shot records, our application and waver. Food if you are wanting your pup to eat their regular meals. We have bedding to offer but you are more than welcome to bring yours from home, but please know that it will likely get dirty as your pup is playing. 

My dog seems abnormally clingy, what can I do to help her?

It is normal for your pup to go through separation anxiety. The best thing you can do to help them is get back to your normal routine, this will help them re-establish there security. 

My dog is trained do I need to bring their lead, or leash?

Yes for the safety of your pup we ask that all dogs be on a lead. We have a lead that we will exchange for yours to make sure you have yours at pickup. 

My dog seems particularly thirsty; do I need to be concerned?

Similar to added hunger, thirst is common with added play. Your pup has been busy playing while you were gone, just like you extra activity ramps up metabolism and thirst, no need to worry.

My dog is sleeping a lot, are they okay?

Your dog will be worn out from all the excitement and play, whether from lodging or daycare, no need to be alarmed it's just cuddle time.